Automatic transfer of services between two customer accounts

The following procedure for automatic transfer of services between customer accounts can only be used for DOMAIN and/or WEBHOSTING / PACKAGE services (including any additional services that are purchased in addition to these services). To perform the transfer, it is necessary to know the customer login of the target account. Once initiated, a message will be sent to the primary contact email of the target account to confirm or deny the transfer.

You can access an overview of the services eligible for transfer by logging into your customer account -> Account administration - > Transfer of services to another account:

On this page, enter the customer login of the target account and select services from the list:

Make sure that the login is entered accurately, including upper and lower case letters. We recommend using the copy and paste function. Avoid manual transcription.

If you don't find the service you want to transfer in the list, follow the instructions in the article How to move a service from one customer account to another or contact customer support directly.
This will most often be the case when a proforma invoice is issued to pay for the service for the next period.

If a target customer account has not yet been created, you can create one using this form

After you submit a request to move services, we will send a message to the primary contact email of the target account with a link to a form to confirm or deny the move. The form will include all information including a list of services to be moved. 

Once the request is confirmed, the services and primary contact settings of the target account are automatically moved to all roles (main, billing).

Moving a domain between customer accounts does not automatically change the owner in the main registry.

After confirming or rejecting, the customer receives an information e-mail about the processing. If required, the customer has the option of cancelling the request.

If the request for transfer of services is not confirmed or rejected within 7 days, the request will be automatically cancelled. If this happens, the customer will receive a message about the expiry of the service transfer request.

On the "Transfer of services to another account" page, you will find both current service transfer requests and completed requests (click on "View closed requests"):