Cancellation of an inactive cloud account

If a cloud account has been unused for a long period of time, it will be, in accordance with our terms and conditions, marked as inactive and added to a list of accounts to be deleted. We check for and delete inactive accounts once every three months. When the account is deleted, we do not automatically refund the remaining credit to the customer.
A cloud account is marked as inactive if there has been no credit top-up and no active cloud service (i.e. there has been no credit deduction for a virtual server, backup space, etc.) over a period of 12 subsequent months.

I wish to cancel my account and get a refund

If you wish to get a refund of your remaining credit, please send an authorized request to our sales department. Please take note that we do not recharge credit that has been acquired from a voucher, a marketing promo, etc. We only refund credit that the customer actually paid for.

I wish to keep my account

If you don’t want your account to be deleted, please take one of the following actions:
1) Top-up the credit in your cloud account, it will do if you only top-up the minimum allowed, i.e. 70 CZK / 2,70 EUR without VAT.
2) Temporarily create a cloud service and delete it immediately. We recommend a Pro server, which you can create with the minimum possible configuration (these servers are paid on an hourly basis). If you delete the server (actually delete, not just turn off) within one hour after it has been created, it will cost you only at most 0,65 CZK / 0,03 EUR of credit.
It is important that you also delete the IP address that will stay in your account after the server has been deleted.
Otherwise, you will keep getting charged for the IP address.
This will take care of the situation for the next 12 months.