How to change contact details for CZ. domain

Change of contact details for contact in the central registry (CZ.NICu) can be done using a form available on our website

You can find it here:

  1. View the pages at
  2. On a top of the screen click on "domain names"
  3. In the left menu click on .CZ domains
  4. In right bottom in of the screen, in section object change click on object´s details change (domain name, contact, NSSET).

Direct link is here:

In the form select Object type that you need to change (domain name, contact ... ). Into the specified field enter the contact identification number and click on button "send request".

In the next step, enter neccessary authorization password for the contact - if you do not know it, it can be sent to contact email of entered contact using button password unknown.

Contact name (ID) can be found on pages of the central register (see below).

After entering neccessary password into the form, you will be able to directly edit contact details. You can change the out of date information, this change will appear immediately. It is not possible to change the legal form, and by a company - it is also not possible to change its name (of organization). If you want to change the company´s name, it is neccesary to create a new contact.

When you need to get yor ID, open page Into the field “search in registry” enter the name of your domain. After entering the security code of CZ.NIC, you will be able to see complete information about your domain, including contact IDs used for the domain - see pictures (final contact ID has red underline). This ID can be entered into previous form and you can also ask for authorization password to be sent. 


What to do when email for sending authorization password is not available:

When the email to which the authorization password can be sent to is not available, it is neccesary to use form from CZ.NIC and ask for this password to be sent to a different email. It is neccesery to print out the generated request and to send it along with officially certified signature of the subject in contact to the address of central register (Customer support, CZ.NIC, z. s. p. o., Americká 23, 120 00 Praha 2). After accepting this request, CZ.NIC will send a new password to the different email (entered in the request). After you receive this password, you can proceed according to the instruction described above.

The form for sending password to a different email is here ->

  • As a Object type select “contact”

  • As a Handle enter contact ID

  • As a Sending method select “to specified Email - I will use a notarized signature”