Unavailability of services May 26, 2020

Dear Custommers,
we have completed the first analyzes of the yesteday's outage. We would like to begin by assuring you that we are making the maximum possible effort to prevent any similar problems. We have two completely independent connection lines as well as two independent geographically separated DNS servers, one placed in the FORPSI datacenter in Ktiš (Czech Republic) and the other one in a datacenter of our parent company in Arezzo (Italy). Each of our service segment also has a separated network of its own. Yesterday's outage affected mainly the hosting services. Our cloud services were up and running most of the time. During the analysis we found a non-standard behaviour of routers, causing their connection line signaling to report invalid values about the line availability. This caused the routers to stop routing. The diagnosis and elimination of the causes was far more complicated and prolonged due to coronavirus measures - not all specialist were imediately present in the datacenter. Our technicians continue to analyze the outage causes in detail so that we can take further actions to prevent similar outages in the future as soon as possible. We deeply apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.