iOS contacts synchronization

The current version of webmail does not support for the CardDAV protocol.

For synchronization you can try using the SyncML (LITE) 4 application, which in the Lite version allows synchronization of contacts for free.

Download and install application.

Launch the application, select the Preferences icon in the top left corner.

On the Preferences page, select SyncML Settings.

Add a new account

On the SyncML Account page, enter the account name.

Now set the server - Server Settings.
- enter the server address:

Leave the other options as shown in the picture.
- enter email address and password

Click the Back button to return to the account settings and continue setting up contact synchronization.
In the Server Path field, you can enter the following information:
- personal contacts: contacts
- another addressbook created by user: contacts/abook_name
- global addressbook: contacts/corporate
- addressbook shared by domain users: contacts/shared/shared_abook_name

If you have contacts stored directly on your mobile device, select Local address book only in the  CONTACTS TO INCLUDE IN SYNC  Local address book only.

If you are using a cloud-based directory (a directory connected, for example, via the CardDAV protocol, Google...), uncheck the Local address book only option and select the appropriate directory in Included Addressbooks.