Webhosting aliases

If you have multiple domains and want your web hosting content to be displayed on those domains as well - when you type those domains into your browser, the same pages will be displayed, set up an alias.

After entering the alias, the address in the browser does not change. It stays the same: for example, if the main domain name is mujweb.cz and the domain alias is mujweb.eu, the same content as on the main website will be displayed after entering the mujweb.eu address. The address in the browser will remain mujweb.eu, meaning it is not a redirect.
Alias redirection can be set, for example, by using "mod_rewrite" rules in the .htaccess file or the web.config file on a Windows server.

The first 5 aliases are provided free of charge for the Easy webhosting variant, the first 10 for the Advanced variant and up to 15 aliases are included in the price for the Professional variant.

To further increase the number of aliases for each variant, you can order the additional service alias package.

Their settings can be changed via the customer administration. For a description of the settings, see How to setup an alias for my website?

To add additional aliases, follow the article I need more aliases than the webhosting variant offers.