Setting alternate addresses

Depending on the hosting variant, up to 5 alternative email addresses (aliases, sending identities ...) can be used when sending email from webmail.


1. Within the BUSINESS mail service you can connect up to 4 mailboxes which can be used when sending messages. 


2. For all variants of hosting with email services, one address can be added as follows.


In the top menu, click on the Settings tab.

In the left menu, select in the Application > Messages - Compose tab and check the appropriate option in the Alternate email addresses section (1.)

When setting up sending from another address, it is necessary to verify ownership (access) to the contents of the specified mailbox (2.)


Click the Send verification code button (3.), log in to the clipboard, copy the code, and paste it into the Verification code field. 

Only then will it be possible to use the OK button (4.).


When writing a new message, select an identity by clicking the arrow next to the sender's address.