Which contact details are publicly available in Whois db?

Based on the GDPR Regulation, domain owner data is hidden in the WHOIS database. How the contact details in the WHOIS database look like you can see in the picture below.
Is WHOIS privacy important when it comes to GDPR?
Definitely YES!
Even though GDPR made most of the main registers hide domain owner’s contact information, there are still a few reasons to activate WHOIS Privacy.
1. Personal information of a domain protected by WHOIS Privacy is hidden even to third parties (Police, Courts, lawyers, executors and other legal entities allowed to look into WHOIS data). These parties though may access personal information protected by GDPR only.
2. Email protected by Whois privacy is fully active and anybody can contact the owner. The person does not get the email though; he/she can only ask a registrar to contact the owner. GDPR protected email is unavailable and the owner cannot be contacted by any means.
3. If the domain is protected by Whois privacy, the data is not accessible by other registers.