Change of DNS Servers for .EU Domains

The change the DNS servers for your .EU domain you can order in your Customer Administration. Follow the instructions below:
1. Login to the Customer Administration.
2. Go to domain administration (click the "domains" icon).
3. In the domains list, select the domain where you want to make the change.
4. In the details of that domain, click the DNS server change link.
5. Enter the names of the required DNS servers, or the DNS option for FORPSI.
6. Click the "submit" button.
The change of DNS servers will be completed in a few minutes. Domain redirection to new DNS servers will take place within hours.
There are no special conditions for DNS servers change in .eu domains. In the case of setting glue records is necessary to contact the domain department via a contact form from the customer administration. To register glue records, you need to provide the exact names of the new DNS servers and their IP addresses.