Thunderbird calendar synchronization

CalDAV provides full access to calendar data (read, modify, delete). To set it up, you need to activate calendar synchronization in webmail and add calendar to Thunderbird. Since Thunderbird has native CalDAV support, no add-on or application needs to be installed.

1. Activation of the synchronization in webmail

Login into the webmail and to the Calendar

Click on Synchronization in the left menu (1.) and then select a tab Sync with CalDAV (2)

Use checkbox to select the calendar (3) to synchronize and copy its URL (4.)

If you want to synchronize more calendars (3a.), copy main URL (4a).
2. Adding calendar in Thunderbird
Go to the menu menu and select item + New > CalendarYou can also directly click on the +button in the calendar.
Select On the nework

Enter the email address and server address copied in the previous step
- when adding multiple calendars at once, use the main address (4a).
Thunderbird - nastaveni CalDAV serveru

Continue with the Find Calendars button and in the next step of the wizard, enter the password.

Make sure CalDAV is selected as the calendar type.
Thunderbird - nastaveni nazvu CalDAV kalendare

Click the Properties button for each calendar to specify its settings - customize them according to your requirements.

Complete the wizard by clicking OK and then Subscribe.
Known issues
  • The CalDAV server does not support scheduling appointments (sending invitations to meeting participants).
  • Events within a series of recurring events cannot be edited.
  • Event participants may not always synchronize correctly.