Outlook calendar synchronization

CalDAV provides full access to calendar data (read, modify, delete). To set it up, you need to activate calendar synchronization in webmail and installation Outlook add-on CalDAV 

1. Activation in webmail

Login into the webmail and go to the Calendar

Click on Synchronization in the left menu (1.) and then select a tab Sync with CalDAV (2)

Use checkbox to select the calendar (3) to synchronize.

2. Installation CalDAV Synchronizer
Please download and install the latest version of the add-on. You can find it on the developer's website or use the direct link. Save the installation file (ZIP) to your disk and unpack it in the usual way.
Make sure Outlook is closed and run the setup.exe file. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
After the installation is complete, start Outlook - the add-on will add a new CalDAV Synchronizer tab to Outlook. 
3. Adding a calendar in Outlook
Go to the CalDav Synchronizer tab and click on Synchronization profiles.

In the Options window, add a calendar by clicking on the button

Choose Generic CalDAV/CardDAV and click on the button OK
Fill in the following sections:
  • Outlook settings
    - the calendar to which events will be synchronized (if it does not exist, create it)
    - check the box Synchronize events immediately after changed
  • Server settings
    - URL of the calendar copied from webmail in the first step
    - username, password - name and password to access the mailbox
    --> Click Test or discover setting button to verify the entered information
  • Sync settings
    - leave bidirectional synchronization and synchronization interval
  • Show advanced Settings - Event Maping Configuration > Scheduling Setting
    - uncheck Map organizer and attendees
    (this solves problems with synchronizing event participants)
Click OK to save the profile.

Known issues
  • It is not possible to edit only one event in a series of recurring events.
  • If a meeting does not have a correct email address, synchronization may fail. This usually happens when adding an event from a meeting invitation. If there are synchronization errors,
    • in Show advanced Settings > Event Maping Configuration > Scheduling Setting > uncheck the option Map organizer and attendees (participants will NOT be synchronized)