Grouping contacts and using address books to better organize your contacts

Create a new addres sbook  | přesun moving contacts between address books | mailig lists (groups) | adding contact into the group | display contacts in group |  removing a contact from a group
Do you have a huge amount of contacts? Do you frequently send emails to the same recipients? Do you need to sort out your address book?

... If you answered YES to any of these questions then is this article the right thing for you..
Assort your contacts into multiple address books depending on what they have in common. Create mailing lists.

User address books

Creating a new address book
Click the Administration button Administrace  in the main menu. Click the ‘+’  button in the submenu
Enter the Name of the address book and confirm by clicking OK.

Viewing the contacts of an address book
Click on the address book that you want to view in the left main menu

Moving contacts into a different address book
Select the contact or contacts you want to move.
Drag the contacts with the mouse onto the chosen address book in the left menu and release the left mouse button.
You can move a single contact into a different address book by opening the contact for editing and choosing the certain address book form the dropdown menu.

Mailing lists (groups)
You can further create groups and sort contacts into those groups in each address book. You can then send a new message to a group of related contacts. These groups of contacts represent sending lists in Outlook.

Creating a group
Click the button next to the new mail (new contact) button and choose New group from the dropdown menu. While viewing a contact or when a contact(or contacts) is selected click the button and choose an item New group.
Enter the name and save it by clicking the OK button.

Adding contacts to a group
Select the contacts that you want to add to a group. Click the button and choose a group from the list.

Viewing contact in a group
Click the group name in the group list (found above the contacts).

You can switch back to all contacts by clicking the address book name in the left menu.

Removing a contact from a group
Select the contact(s) that you want to remove and continue the same way as by adding the contacts into a group.

The group in which is the contact found is highlighted in the list. Click on the name of the group from which you want to remove the contact.
Notice: The Add to group button has two functions
  1. If you select a group in which is the contact not yet added it will be added to that group.
  2. If you select a group in which the contact is already added it will be removed from that group.