Folders management

Folder creation | export folders | Emptying and deleting folders
To view the list of folders, click in the left main menu on the icon  Seznam slozek.
System folders can not be renamed or deleted
Personal folders section contains all the user-created folders

Folder creation
  • folder on the same level as the Inbox: Click on the [+] button next to title Personal folders
  • subfolder: use the button located under the name of every folder

Export folders
Messages are exported in standard MBOX format
Import can be done either to another mailbox in the webmail or using Thunderbird extension ImportExport Tools

Emptying and deleting folders
When you empty or delete a folder, messages will be moved into the trash bin. Please be careful if you have the “empty trash bin at logout” option activated (by default not activated at webmail).
Trash and Spam folders have a special button for emptying (visible only if the folder contains email).
empty folder