Messages settings

In order to access messages' setting page, click on the tab Options at the top menu.
main menu
If there is no such item in the menu (usually at lower resolution monitors or because of small size of the browser window), click the tab Other.
main menu low resolution
At the main left menu click on the Options icon and choose Messages
Messages options

General settings
With the auto-refresh frequency set webmail allows browser to show a new message notification (this function can be activated/deactivated directly in your browser).
Select Enable conversations to start grouping messages in threads (see Reading messages)
If you want to display badge icons to see amount of unread messages, activate an option Display the number of unread messages in the folder list.
Display the sender's Alias from the address book in the message list allows to replace displayed name in a messages' list by a name given to the email address in contact.
Warning: once an option Empty trash folder on logout is activated, all deleted messages will be automatically removed from the folder Trash. Messages being deleted accidentally will be permanently lost after logout.

Display settings
Send notice of receipt: if the sender requests a delivery notification you can set the webmail behavior to automatically send, display or do not send the read receipt confirmation
Display attached images as thumbnail: if an image is detected in the email’s attachment, it will be display at the end of the message

Composition settings

Reply settings

Forward settings
Options in this section allow you to adjust, how will the original message be handled:
  • Text in body of message - add the original message's text in the forward message text and attach the original message's files.
  • Message attached as text file - attach the original message's files and attach the original message's text in a separate text file.
  • Message encapsulated - attach the original message as an encapsulated message.
  • Only text - add only the original message's text in the forward message text (the original message's files are not forwarded).