From the Options menu it is possible to adjust various settings and the display options of the Webmail sections.
main menu
If there is no such item in the menu (usually at lower resolution monitors or because of small size of the browser window), click the tab Other.
main menu low resolution
Select the item Signature in the left menu.
Create the signature
  • Click on button Add signature,
  • enter the name  - the name will be displayed in the list of available signatures available in the compose message windows,
  • enter desired text, add an image (the size should be less than 200KB). We strongly recommend to use only integrated text editor. The text copied from website or another rich text editor could have negative influence to the html formatting of composed message.
  • Save the signature by click on button Save. 
Create signature 
Add signature into the message
You can create up to 20 signatures. The one marked as default will be automaticaly inserted into the message.
  • In order to make signature default select a radio button in the list of signatures. 
  • To insert the signature into the message use the button Signature from the toolbar. (When no signature is created, not button is displayed)
Modify and delete the signature
  • To modify or delete the signature use the buttons located at the end of signature line.