Notification of incoming messages

To set up a new message notification, click on the Settings tab in the top menu.
In the left menu, in the Account section, select the Forwarding and Auto-reply.
Notifikace prichozich zprav
Please enter a valid email address (only one address can be used). For SMS notification, please scroll till the end of this article.
Choose the message format (the picture shows what the notification email will look like)
 - long
kratky format notifikace
- short
kratky format notifikace
Save the settings by pressing the OK button.

Note: the notification will not be sent in the following cases 
  • email delivered to the mailbox is a notification,
  • the email was evaluated as spam,
  • the email has already been delivered to the mailbox once (repeated delivery of the same email, eg when the message is looped)

SMS notification
Since it is not possible to set the sending of an SMS in the web interface, it is necessary to use the services of your mobile operator.
In the Email address box, type the following address:
To send notifications to your mobile phone, use the address in the form, where the number before the @ sign is your mobile phone number. You will receive notifications automatically, you do not have to set anything on the O2 side. SMS notification can have a maximum of 60 characters.
With T-mobile, you must first activate the E-mail to SMS service, where you allow from which address (your email) the emails that you will receive to your mobile phone in the form of an SMS can be delivered. In the notification settings of your mailbox, you will use the address in the format, where the number before the @ sign is the number of your mobile phone. SMS notifications can have a maximum of 160 characters.
For Vodafone, the SMS e-mail service must first be activated. Here you choose an address in the form