In order to change your password, click on the tab Options at the top menu.
main menu
If there is no such item in the menu (usually at lower resolution monitors or because of small size of the browser window), click the tab Other.
main menu low resolution
Select the item Password in the left menu.
Password change
To ensure a strong password some combinations are excluded - the overview (along with a recommendations for a good password) can be found at the end of this article in the section New password parameters
Enter your old password and then the new password twice,
As you enter the new password its parameters are checked (passwords strength, length) - results are shown next to the typed password
Password change form
Finally, save the new password by clicking OK.
New password parameters
The limitations of the new password:
  • password length must be between 8 and 16 characters
  • password must not contain accented characters (eg. ěščřžý... ĚŠČŘŽÝ...)
  • use these special characters in order to increase security
    ! # $ & + ' , - .  ; < = > ? @ [  ^ _ `  | } ~
The following elements cannot be used as password, alone or preceded / followed by only 1 character (letter, number, symbol) or by an ordered numeric or alphabetic sequence of characters:
  • your login name
  • your domain name (or part of it)
  • a combination of your login name and your domain name (or part of it)
In addition, your password cannot be made of:
  • only a single repeated character
  • only an ordered numeric or alphabetic sequence of characters