.CZ domain transfer

How to transfer your .CZ domain
Direct link to the transfer initiation form.
Step 1
Enter the name of your .CZ domain into the empty box below and click the button "Next".
Step 2
In the following screen please log into your customer account if you have already registered it.
If you haven´t registered customer account so far, use the second option for new customer account registration.
If you wish you can register the service MojeID which makes .CZ domain administration easier. More information about the MojeID service. If you are not interested in this service leave the check box empty.
During a transfer order you can modify billing contact data if it is necessary. Next please confirm the agreement with our Terms and conditions and with CZ.NIC rules as well. Then click the button "Next".
Step 3
In this last step it is necessary to enter the authorisation code into the empty box. If you don´t know the authorisation code for your .CZ domain click the link "Password unknown" and then the password will be sent to the contact email of the domain owner in a few minutes, directly from the central Registry CZ.NIC. If you wish to only transfer a domain, remove the defaultly marked checkbox in front of the ID of the contact and enter only the authorisation code for your .CZ domain. If you wish to transfer the contact ID as well, leave the checkbox checked and then enter the password into the appropriate field. At the end click the button "Complete the transfer request" and wait for the result. If everything is all right the domain will be added into your customer account to your other domains.

AUTH-ID is only valid for 14 days.