.CZ domain owner change

.CZ domain owner change
To initiate a change of .CZ domain owner, fill in the form which you can find if you follow these steps:
1. Go to our website www.forpsi.com
2. Click on DOMAINS in the top menu (upper part of the screen).
3. In the left menu click on bolded link .CZ domains
4. On the right side in the lower part of the screen choose Request to change .CZ domain owner
Direct link to the form .
Write the name of your .CZ domain into the form field and click the button "Send request".
In the following form fill in the contact ID of the new domain owner and also the email which the request should be sent to. If you don´t know the contact ID of the new domain owner you can find it in the CZ.NIC database. Alternatively, you can register a new contact ID for the new domain owner (follow the instructions below).


After you click the button "Send request" we will send the request in .pdf format to the chosen email. The request can be confirmed through one of these options:
1) print the request and confirm it with certified signatures of both domain owners (current and future). In this case it is necessary to deliver request in postal form into address:
Domain department
Ktiš 2
384 03 Ktiš
Czech Republic
Based on this request we will process the domain owner change in a maximum of 3 working days after delivery by post.
2) save the request and confirm it with electronic signature. Then send it in the attachment to domain@forpsi.com for processing. This option is offered only to Czech clients and electronic signature must be created one of these Certification Authority:
* Instructions for confirmation of .pdf document with electronic signature
How to find the contact ID of the new domain owner, or how to register a new domain owner in the CZ.NIC registry.
If the new domain owner is the owner of another .CZ domain, it is possible to find his/her contact ID in the WHOIS database of CZ.NIC (www.nic.cz). Enter the name of the .CZ domain into the search box "SEARCH IN REGISTRY" (see picture).
When you choose the particular domain name and search for it in the CZ.NIC WHOIS database, then you can find out information about the domain owner and other important data. Below in the red highlighted rectangle you can see an example of the contact ID of the domain owner which can be used for the .CZ domain owner change form (this is only an example!).
If the new domain owner is not the owner of any .CZ domain, it is necessary to register a new contact ID. This option is directly in the form for domain owner change where you can click on "create new contact". You can choose the identifier of the new contact ID as you wish. If the contact ID already exists, the system will inform you about it.