Android calendar synchronization

CalDAV provides full access to calendar data (read, modify, delete). To set it up, you need to activate calendar synchronization in webmail, install the DAVx⁵ (paid) or OpenSync (for older versions of Android) plugin, and add the calendar account to your mobile device.

1. Activation in webmail

Login into the webmail and go to the calendar

Click on Synchronization in the left menu (1.) and then select a tab Sync with CalDAV (2)

Use checkbox to select the calendar (3) to synchronize.

2. Configuration calendar in the app DAVx⁵ 
Download application from Google Play and install it. Because configuration of the application OpenSync is very similar, we only provide a single tutorial.

Launch the application and click on the + icon in the bottom right corner.
Select Login with URL and user name and enter credentials
- URL - main URL (
- email address,
- password
Click on the LOGIN button to verify the credentials you entered.

On the following page, enter an account name and click Create Account to exit the wizard.

Now select the webmail calendars that will be displayed in the application Calendar 
- you can synchronize the calendar manually or adjust automatic synchronization settings

Select calendar which you want to display and synchronize

Known issues
  • Repeated events are not synchronized correctly- we do not recommend modifying them in the Android client.
    • It is not possible to delete or modify a single event within a series of repeated events.
  • For multi-day all-day events created on a mobile device, only the first day is synchronized (create an all-day repeated event instead).