NSSET creation - for domains .CZ

If you wish to use your own NSSET (set of DNS servers) for your .CZ domain, it is possible to create it through a form available on our websites http://www.forpsi.com/ . Please follow the instructions below to get into that form.

1. Open our websites http://www.forpsi.com/
2. In the upper part of site please click into "Domain names"
3. In the menu on the left please choose the option ".CZ domains"
4. In the middle of the screen you can see "Create a new nameserver set (NSSET)"

Direct url into the Form .

Form explanation:

NSSET ID - you can choose a random name of your new NSSET ID. It can be created only with letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9) and the only one special mark is "-" dash.

DNS - fill min. 2 single DNS servers into the empty boxes (without IP addresses).

IP address - this box must be filled only in case that you create a new DNS server from your .CZ domain. It means you create a GLUE record. IP address can be filled in form of IPv4 (ex. or IPv6 (3FFF:23FE::1;

Tech contact - if you are the owner of some domain .CZ you can choose tech contact directly from database of the central registry CZ.NIC, for example ID of the owner or ID of the administrative contact. If you don´t own any .CZ domain you can create new ID for tech contact - in this case please follow this url Add a contact person .

Report level - default setting is with number 3.