Domain redirect to FORPSI placeholder pages

If your domain uses the FORPSI DNS servers as authoritative, we offer a free redirection of the domain to the FORPSI placeholder pages:

  • domain.tld is under construction
  • domain.tld is for sale
  • domain.tld is for rent
  • domain.tld is under reconstruction
  • domain.tld is occupied
  • The page you requested was not found on server domain.tld
  • You don't have permission to access the server domain.tld
This redirection can be set in the domain administration by logging in to the administration account. Click on the domain name and choose "Edit DNS records". Here you find the option "redirect to page".

Warning: The redirect can be canceled by re-setting the DNS record via "Edit DNS record" - if you aren't sure about the setup of your DNS records, please contact us. Incorrect setting of DNS records may cause malfunction of your domain.

You can find the guide on how to cancel the redirect in the article Cancellation of domain redirect via DNS.