Clone antispam rules from the postmaster email account

Especialy for the manager of amount of mailboxes, webmail contains the function that allows to clone antispam rules from the postmaster account to any other email accounts and email aliases of relative domain.

Login to with the postmaster account (email address postmaster@yourdomain.tld).

Set antispam configuration (antispam rules, whitelist, blacklist) of the postmaster mailbox, see the article Antispam configuration.

Stay in the Antispam section and click on the bar Clone antispam rules.This section is enabled only if the antispam settings were modified in past. If the bar Clone antispma rules is not displayed, make any changes of antispam settings, save them and reload the page.

This section contains three parts
  • accounts without antispam rules are contained in left part - it means, email accounts in this part have not set antispam rules, whitelist and blacklist yet
  • physical accounts with set antispam rules are contained in center part (if you select accounts in this part, rules will be overwritten - not added).
  • email aliases (not physical accounts) with set antispam rules are contained in right part
Accounts and email aliases can be selected this way:
  • if you want to select more not continuous items, click on the left mouse button while pressing the Ctrl key
  • if you want to select continuous items click on the first item and then click on the last item while pressing the Shift key
  • you can revert the selection so that you click again on the selected item while pressing the Ctrl key
Select the mailboxes and email aliases, to which you want to copy antispam rules, and click on Clone. In the image bellow mailboxes without rules obchod and ucetni, mailbox with set rules jan.novak and aliases and are selected.
ATTENTION: If the selected account has set antispam rules, they will be overwritten - not only added. The result is, that selected accounts with cloned rules have set the same rules as the postmaster mailbox.

After clone antispam rules the content of particular parts is changed:

Antispam rules can't be cloned from postmaster to email aliases that have not set any antispam rules. It is neccessary at least to save antispam rules for the email aliases in Administration section, see Antispam and email aliases. It is impossible to set antispam rules by this way for aliases with no antispam rules, at first you have to set antispam rules for the aliases in the section Administration > Forwards in the column Antispam.