Webmail versions

The four webmail versions are available (direct access links are placed inside the brackets).

Classic webmail

The login page automatically switches to the supported version according to the used browser. The only thing you have to do is enter the address http://webmail.forpsi.com into the address line.

Fast webmail

Description of the versions

Ajax interface

  • supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox (from version 2), Chrome, Opera, Safari
  • functionality limits: none

HTML interface

  • automatically used for Konqueror
  • functionality limits:
    • these items  are not displayed in Options menu: Forward / Auto-reply, Filters, Blacklist, Antispam, Password, Display Mask
    • MailAdmin is not present in the postmaster's version

XHTML (mobile) interface

  • you can use it to access your mailbox from a mobile device
  • only basic features are implemented: messages, contacts and calendar (webstorage is also present in the variant Business Mail)
  • Touch look is optimized to be used with smartphones with touch screen
Fast webmail

  • is a lite version of the classic webmail interface, which allows to manage your emails, contacts and calendar's events more quickly and efficiently
  • not supported browsers: Konqueror
  • classic webmail's features which are not implemented: filters, change password, display mask, BUSINESS Mail features