GeoIP - allowed countries

Protection by GeoIP was installed on smtp server to prevent abuse of email accounts for spamming.
Our experience shows that spammers mostly send spams from foreign IPs. Thanks to the GeoIP protection, we manage to filter a lot of connections which spammers try to establish.

Here is the list of permanently allowed countries. All email accounts can login and send emails from these countries.

AT Austria
AU Australia
CH Switzerland
CZ Czech Republic
DE Germany
FR France
GB United Kingdom
HU Hungary
IT Italy
PL Poland
RU Russian Federation
SK Slovakia
US United States
There is a list of "forbidden countries" for rejecting according to GeoIP, which is extensive and can be frequently changed based on whether there is more spam activity from certain country.
If you are sending emails from countries, whose IPs are blocked according to GeoIP, you should receive this error message
5.1.0 <> sender rejected GeoIP
What to do if you get this error message: Contact our customer support with chat or ticket on portal . We will allow requested country after your authorization.

Note: It can happen that if you travel abroad, you can't to send your emails, although sending from the country is enabled. The reason can be blocked communication on the port 25 from the Internet service provider. We recommend you to use the port 587, or the port 465 with an encrypted connection (SSL) for the SMTP server.