How to configure BMC?

BMC settings on DELL servers: 

  1. Turn on the server.

  2. When the screen appears BMC <Ctrl-E> - press this combination.

  3. In the BMC menu select


    - here set up IP address, MASK, GW


    - here set up user who will then access to BMC.

  4. Save and exit.


Default it is set IP address (user root and password calvin).

BMC settings can be also edited using the software OpenManage Systems Management, even without restart of the server.




Settings sample of redirection the serial port in BIOS of DELL:  

- It applies to using of the server control via SOL proxy.

Eg. by the servers 1950, R210 must be set in bios the serial port COM2, more information can be found in help of a particular BIOS. This configuration causes that it will be possible to access to the BIOS using the BMC and to a text console of the system.