What is the difference between service Package and webhosting?

The service Package is a complex service that includes both - the webhosting service and registration of the chosen domain name.

Within the service Package it is possible to register these domains (tld):
.cz, .eu, .sk, .cloud, .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info 

Due to the nature of the service Package, where the domain is complementary to the webhosting, the change of DNS servers of the domain registered within the service Package is restricted (more information). The DNS servers are supplied solely by the Provider. For a separately registered domain, full editing of its DNS records incl. change of DNS servers from the customer administration is available .

A separate webhosting can be used even for another domain - by renaming it (e.g. if the original domain expires). On the contrary, with the service Package it is impossible, as it relates to the concrete domain.

Webhosting types and Package types have the same webhosting parameters, hence the names of the Packages are the same as the names of separate webhosting types.

The service Package can be divided into two separate services - webhosting and domain - during its renewal. The reverse procedure is not possible.
After cancellation of the separate webhosting, it is possible to restore it, but only during the time period specified by the contract conditions. On the contrary, after your cancellation of the service Package, it is impossible to restore it as a complete service.