Every request, whether to require changing service parameters or changing contact/billing details, has to be authorized using access data of given customer account. This ensures the legitimacy of an applicant to administer the service. This measure is not set up for us as a service provider only, but also in terms of security and safety of the service owner, or the service administrator.

The authorization is done by sending a request via our customer support portal. Link to our portal can be found on our website, in the main menu bar - in the green field called Contact form. After the portal is displayed, log in firstly, please, using login and password for your customer account, then select an appropriate department.

For efficient processing of sent ticket is important to select the appropriate department:

Support Department - our staff will gladly help you with any general questions about all of our offered services;
Domain Department - specific problems with domain renewal, domain registration etc.;
Invoicing Department - change of contact details, problems with payments, etc.;
Sales Department - proposals, offers, sponsoring, advertising, complaints, appeals etc.;


If you are unsure about department selection, we recommend to send the ticket to the Support Department. It will either reply or forward your request to an appropriate department.

After selecting the department, you will be able to write your requests into the message body. You can also add an attachment (e.g. screenshot of the error message). After entering a subject and starting to write into the Message body, our Knowledge base will automatically offer you a possible solution - try to find out your request in our Knowledge base firstly, please.

Once the ticket has been submited, you will be able to see its identification number generated by our system. This number will allow you to keep track of its state and history. For each new problem or question we recommend to enter a new ticket. 



You can see all your entered tickets in ticket history - their solution state, date of entry, last activity etc. There is also a "Ticket Lookup" option, allowing to search tickets according to different parameters.