Multiple address books

You can manage multiple address books for one email account in the Business Mail version. This allows you to organize your contacts (eg. by departments of your company, ...).

1. Creating a new address book

  • There are some differences between the Simple look and other looks. When using the Simple layout click the right mouse button to the left side menu item Contacts. Select the item New address book from the context menu. The button New address book is present inside left side menu section Contacts for graphic looks as Forpsi, Aqua, ....

new user addres book

  • A new New address book window will be opened. Enter all details (the name will be shown in the menu and in the Create Contact / Create Group pages, the alias will be shown in the Compose Message page or the Add/Edit Event page when the auto-completion feature is used and a contact from this new address book is chosen).
  • You can modify all these details later by clicking right mouse button to the address book and selecting Properties item from context menu.

2. Adding contacts/groups to the user address book

  • open the address book for adding contacts/groups (or click only on the address book with the right mouse button)
  • a new tab New contact/group will be opened. If you need you can change the address, which will be added to the new contact/group.

select an address book

  • user address books can contain the same email addresses and aliases

3. Moving and copying a contact to another address book

  • it is possible to move a selection of contacts from one address book to another using drag & drop with left mouse button (keep the key Ctrl pressed to copy selected contacts)
  • the content of a shared address book can be managed only after logging into the postmaster account

4. Renaming an address book

  • click with the right mouse button on the address book
  • select Properties item from the context menu

5. Removing an address book

  • click with the right mouse button on the address book
    select Delete item from the context menu

6. Automatic completion from address books

  • you can use the function of automatic completion from address books when creating a new message. Start to write the first letters of the e-mail address or alias into the fields To, Cc or Bcc and the addresses from all address books are offered
  • the name of the address book, the alias of the contact, the name of the contact and the e-mail address is displayed in the list of addresses

auto fill from address books

  • in the same way you can use this function in the tab New event or Event (fields Recipients of Invitation and E-mail of Reminder)